Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What we are up to

It was a fun day around here yesterday. We rearranged Max's toys yesterday slimming things down and putting some upstairs. While upstairs we found some "new" to him toys that are at a different level of development. He's been loving to pretend and immitate lately and all of a sudden the best toy upstairs was my old Cabbage Patch Preemie. When it was time to go he wouldn't leave her, so we brought her downstairs and they've been almost in separable since. I've found her naked in the bathtub, he stood watching tv and patting her back for 15 minutes straight today, he insisted she was stinky and needed new clothes and a hat and was upset when I drew the line at not putting her in a jacket. He rocks her to sleep and puts her night night and shares his snack with her. And I'm encouraging it all because in a few short short months he'll have a real live little person sharing this space with him and the more accustomed he gets to it, I believe, the better.

Have no fear, he also found a transformer that talks and that's how he woke me this morning, with "Hi I'm Bumblebee..."

I should be specific and say that this was the 6:30 am wake up call. We also had a doozy at 2:15 am when Max decided to open his door and run into our room claiming it was time to wake up... Oh how to reason with a 22 month old at 2:15 am? Send your husband after him. That's how I did it. Adam took him back to bed, closed the door and then put a baby gate in the doorway so should he try it again, he would not be able to make it very far. He must have had trouble sleeping because he had done the same thing around 10:30 and claimed over and over it was time for Mickey Mouse. He had never done it before, and now the gate goes up every time or else I don't think I would be able to sleep for fear of what he was getting in to.

Max climbed into my soup pot today... He thought he was funny for a split second and then started to get a little panicky saying stuck over and over... and it reminded me of this picture
He used to fit in a mixing bowl and now doesn't even close to fit in the soup pot.


Anonymous said...

A fun age of adventure and discovery!!! Imagination is such a great thing-slso can bring a few challenges!!!Max will be a great big brother!Amazing how he grows and changes so quickly!!Miss you all bunches!! Lots of love!Grammy

Laura said...

Max is so sweet to his baby! He'll be a great big brother :)