Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yeah, I'm Shredding

Today was less painful but more tiring! At least it wasn't as painful, because holy cow I was about to die the past two days. I have noticed a difference in what I can do (and still can't do) but I love that I'm actually able to do all the (modified) push ups and all the cardio I'm supposed to be doing. Yeah! Success!

It makes me laugh because now Adam and I refer to it as Shredding. "Hey did you shred already today?" "Oh let me call you back, I'm shredding." It sounds a lot cooler than it really is, you know- me panting and sweating. But I'm doing it and that's what counts.

Just for reading this update you will receive one super cute picture of one super cute kid.

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Jason Paragon said...

kudos to you on getting in shape! keep up the good work-- you'll need all the strength and energy you can get for when he starts to run;) love, amy