Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home Remodeling Part 11- What we've been doing

We've had quite a bit of time at the house in the past week or two. While Adam's parents were in town we got a lot of stuff done (well they did mostly, I can't say I did a lot while they were here).

They got one layer of the wainscoting off the dining room, all the glue off the walls where the wallpaper had been, everything got a cleaning once over that was badly needed, and the paneling came out of the living room and off the archway leading into the dining room. It doesn't look like so much listed out but man, it looks like a totally different house now.

Living Room


Dining Room


Earlier this week, I had some help at the house from one of the girls from our youth group. We each had a color and touched up the whole bathroom and then she entertained Max while I kept toiling away. It was great to have some time there with someone to help with Max.

Today Adam and I spent all morning completing little things to aim at starting some bigger ones next week. He worked on a new door for the bathroom and I did some more touch up in the bathroom (there's so much to do with the tile and all the doorways and the ceiling) but Max wasn't completely into being at the house, so mostly we watched Daddy play with his new tools. He's becoming quite handy out of necessity.

Here's what's on our immediate list for soon to be attempted projects....
1. Hanging the bathroom doors with the new handles so that we can "close" the room up and be done with it.
2. Patch the walls in the living room and dining room
3. Decide on wallpaper for dining room (possibly paintable) and one wall in living room
4. Paint ceilings in dining room and living room
5. Paint walls / hang wallpaper in living room and dining room
5.5. Paint all trim in dining room and living room
6. Pull up carpeting in the dining room and living room
7. Pull up subflooring in the dining room to see about the pine floors
8. Hang new wainscoting, baseboard, chair rail
9. new floors (finish boards, or carpet) in dining room and living room

Well there you go, I think we have enough to keep us occupied through the winter.


Laura said...

Wow, that list seems like a lot to do! Good thing you guys have wonderful friends who are helping you (and doing a great job by the pictures I've seen). Can't wait to see it all in person.

Anonymous said...

Great job!! Just keep checking off your list!! It's ok to have fun!!! Hard work with great results!!Mom