Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pulls ups and swimming

Max has been an exciting little thing in the past week or so. He started pulling up on Monday and has decided all the bumps and bruises are worth it.

On the kiddie gate

On his toy box

On his exersaucer

On the laundry baskets

On his Lego bucket

On the couch

And instead of sleeping

Daddy and Max also spent yesterday afternoon swimming in the pool. The indoor pool at 5 Points has a zero entry and Max loved crawling around in the water and couldn't understand the cause and effect relationship between splashing and getting water in his face.

Oh what's that? Pulling up in the pool too?

He's such a fun, happy little kid. I just love him to pieces!


Anonymous said...

How much fun!! Wish I was there to help keep track of him on his adventures!! He and his Dad must share that polar bear gene!! They both love the water!! Thanks for letting me enjoy from afar!!Grammy

Laura said...

89phukreer6rrgrdssdergy5yyuhffvgghgghmhjyjyy5tyulkkkjhthhhth (that was Ella)

Way to go Max!

Kara said...

Wow! He looks like a little man standing up! Too cute!