Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whew - Day 3

Well I made it through day three! Thanks for all the encouragement friends! My body is slowly responding, they say that after you have a baby, your body doesn't work the same and I can be a testimony for that, things that had never hurt before no matter how hard the training, hurt this morning when I tried to get up and then hurt even more this afternoon as I went to the basement to start a load of laundry.... I didn't think I was going to make it back up the stairs without taking a break.

I did do Day 3 this morning during morning nap time (yesterday was during afternoon nap time and two days ago it was after bed time) so I guess according to that schedule in theory I should be getting up to do Day 4 before the house is awake in the morning... I wouldn't bet on that one.

Today was a LOT easier than yesterday and I felt a lot stronger (if more wobbly due to the muscles screaming for mercy). I think I also cursed under my breath considerably less today. I also was able to keep moving through the whole thing instead of staring in disbelief at the last minute of the dvd while the "helpers" with Jillian (ha I just inadvertently wrote Killian, Kill-ian, ha!) did bicycle crunches. I won't lie, I can't do bicycle crunches yet, but I at least did regular crunches for the last minute instead of just laying on the floor panting.

I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day on the floor or couch reading Twilight or tending to my cranky baby. But I'll be honest, it was mostly reading. I read while I fed him lunch and during his nap and while he watched Finding Nemo and played and while he climbed all over me and whined because he doesn't feel well. But I'm almost done with the first book so I'll end this now and get back to that obsessively good book.

My lovely tea break tonight

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Kara said...

Yea for you! It is funny, today I could do the planks... I know what you mean about getting stronger. I kept saying to Nick, "I did it!" over and over... I did think about you while working out too! Lol!