Sunday, January 25, 2009

Musical Monday 2.0

So I've decided my theme will be around the music I listen to... and at this stage in my life it revolves around Max. So last week's If You're Happy and You Know It was just the beginning.

We have a loving relationship with PBS kids in our household. We don't have cable and so this is my opportunity to shower in the morning while Clifford the Big Red Dog is on or my personal favorite, Sid the Science Kid (done by the Jim Henson Company!)- But during the commercials they quite often have Steve Songs on and Max could be totally ignoring the television but will stop what he's doing and watch Steve each time he comes on, no matter the song. This one is my personal favorite. It's so catchy I sing it for hours after it's been on.


Amber said...

Why did I turn on my speakers to listen to this?

Anonymous said...

Good song!!-So much fun-oh course Max would love it!!Grammy
PS-Modified lines to "If Your Happy and You Know It"-snap your fingers/pat your head/touch your ears-nose -toes/ect. It's ok to replace stomp your feet for a quieter version!!

jori-o said...

Aren't those kid songs great? You pretty much love 'em until you hate 'em (because you CAN'T GET TEHM OUT OF YOUR HEAD!) This one IS pretty catchy...I think I'm doing a kidsong next week because it's such a big part of our lives right now too. Great post--thanks for playing!

Valerie said...

Really cute. I'll get up and do the little dance and my 15 month will stare and start doing what we call "booty dancing".

Enjoyed listening to Steve tonight. Thanks!

Diane said...

another great kids song! thanks for playing!