Sunday, January 4, 2009

Big Day!

The New Year is off to a good start for our family. I just love a fresh start and all that it entails. I mentioned we are not much for resolutions around here, but I do tend to make some goals to start the year off with. This year I've decided to do coupons. I tend to do coupons for Max's diapers and formula and baby food, but have decided to put more of an effort into daily things. It may be more of a time waster than a money saver, but with online coupons and things like that now, I don't see how a little wasted time could steer me wrong. So I'm subscribing to the Sunday paper (it'd be fun to read some of that anyway), and I'll be scouring the ads, so send me your coupons if you wish!

Also in REALLY big news, Max's first tooth is about to break skin. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago to some people that I thought Max might get his upper teeth first. I had never really heard of it, but his gums seemed irritated and swollen on top and nothing on the bottom. I knew something should happen soon, he's almost 8 months already. I randomly check his mouth now and again but mostly the bottom. The past day or two he's been drooling so much he's been choking on it at night and it's been constantly wetting everything he and I are wearing. He's even been crawling over to me and biting my jeans pants leg. So today I checked the top and goodness! both of them seem to be coming in together- Guess he's getting his two front teeth a little late for Christmas- :) The one on his right is just about through (I can feel the sharp point) and the one on his left doesn't appear to be that far behind. At least as far as I can tell in the millisecond I'm able to see in his mouth or get my finger in there before he growls at me and pulls away. Maybe that explains some of the shorter naps and night crying we've been having around here. I gave him some baby motrin before he went to bed so I hope that helps him a little.

I've also been forgetting to mention our new church website that's being launched. Check it out! Our wonderful friend Danny put it together. The big thing to note on there, will be the addition of listening to Adam's sermons online- those will be up really soon and I'll have a button to them on the side bar here as soon as they are up. Let me tell you- today's was good. Real good.


Laura said...

Coupons are great - we usually save about $7 a week using them and that adds up!

Hurray for Max's first teeth!

Love the church's website, very modern!

Kara said...

Cant wait to listen to Adam, that is so neat! Cant believe Max is almost 8 months and getting teeth! How cute!

Heidi said...

I had a coupon box for church all ready to go for last Sunday and then it didn't get there because I didn't. I'll have it this week so you can hopefully start getting so help from that!

Jason Paragon said...

The website looks great! I don't know if I've suggested this before, but teething tablets are awesome! They are from Hyland's and they are just called Teething Tablets (easy enough, huh?). Elijah had/has horrible teething pain, and they have worked the best of anything we've given him. You can find them at Walmart, pharmacies, and natural food stores.

May God grant you great peace this year!!! Love and hugs, Amy