Friday, January 30, 2009

The Shred Day 5 and other updates

I guess this is really just giving me an excuse to blog each day... but I figure if I don't blog you might think I've fallen off the wagon. Not yet!

I'm totally noticing a difference from today to the other day. I didn't even struggle to get out of bed today (well, actually I did, Max was up half the night, but at least it wasn't because of muscles screaming). And I'm super glad I skipped the nap this afternoon to do this instead. It got me through the afternoon just fine, actually better than a nap would have.

I was thinking about it, but it might have been good to weigh myself before I started. Although my goal is not really about losing weight (mostly about toning and building all the lost muscle) I would be interested now if I'll even lose any weight with it.


Max has been a little rough this week, we actually haven't left the house much at all this week. He's got a runny nose and is trying to break through a couple more teeth, one's through and I can see the other just under his gum.

The House
We have been working on the house, I know I haven't had an update on it. I'll have a full post on that tomorrow or Sunday, but we have been working- don't you worry.

I've been working on fingerless mittens for myself. I finished one mitten tonight. One more to go. I'm also starting another baby blanket tonight while watching tv.... Can't wait!

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Kara said...

Yeah!!! I was wondering if you were sticking with it. Dont worry about the weight. I actually gained a little but my pants are getting loose! :) Poor Max, Brice is teething too!