Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well our house still looks as if the toy store exploded in here, I can't imagine what it would have been like if we had, say, 6 kids instead. I'll be packing up some toys to get out in a couple of months when I'm bored of hearing the same toy over and over. I am happy that whether Max is up for it or not, books seem to be a popular gift for him- just like good ol' Mom and Dad.

Adam and I got some great things too! Some cash for the house and some things to go in it, clothes or gift cards for them, you know the boring adult stuff. We must be getting old because we were perfectly content with it.

We had a great time with family- makes me think of what a difference a year can make :)

Christmas Day 2007

Christmas Day 2008

Max's favorite this year was definitely the ribbons off the boxes, he kinda wanted to rip the paper but didn't really care that there was something inside the box. Here's a slide show of some of the fun.

We aren't much for New Year's Resolutions around here, but I always seem to make a personal one anyway. New Year's Eves are infamous for Adam and I , we always have an interesting time. Last year if you remember we were home and asleep before the New Year even rang in. This year however we are in for a treat. We will be at the church all night with about 20 teenagers for the ENTIRE night. We are having a lock in at the church for the teens. There will be food and fun and games and movies and music, and of course since it is high school, I'm sure there will be drama as well.


Kara said...

Love the pictures... wish we were there!

Laura said...

Awww, so cute! Have fun at your sleepover!