Saturday, December 13, 2008

Max- 7 months

He kept trying to pull up on the tub so we put him in it.... Just like his Daddy, and his cousin Ella

I know I haven't been diligent about posting every month specifically for Max's monthly birthdays, but oh well, here's one for you.

Max is now such a fun loving rough and tumble boy. He loves to be on the floor and roll from one side to the other and scootch across to find things he shouldn't have.

When he hears the backdoor open he looks and waits for Adam to come around the corner and just thinks it's the cat's pajamas when he does.

He weighs 20 lbs (I weighed him a few days ago) and has recently started to eat a lot of the same foods we do at the table along with his baby food. He loves pasta, vegetables, bread, and potatoes. He's also down to just four bottles a day.

We've been working on not waking up at 5 am to eat, and are doing very well, hopefully by next week he'll be sleeping straight 8-7 without waking up at all (right now he still wakes up for a few minutes while I give him his pacifier back and pat or rub his belly, but no more 5am bottles!)

He loves the attention of other people, the only reason he ever really fusses is when he's not getting the attention he feels he deserves or he's sleepy.

He's also the best dancer I know.

We had visitors from Dallas today, they are friends getting ready to head to China at the end of January. Having them and their four kids under 4 at our house was wonderful! Their little baby girl is almost exactly a month younger than Max. It makes me want a girl! She was such a little sweetheart!

Playing Pals

Max already getting his toys stolen by a girl.


Amber said...

A boy in your house that loves vegetables. Way to go Cara!

Laura said...

Max is a pretty handsome 7 month old!

tina Wagner said...

That girl has had ninja training with those ALL BOY brothers of hers. They love her - a tough kinda love. Max seems to have things under control. It i roll over here i can get that toy and stuff in under the chair, then a double scoot scoot to get around behind and stuff another toy under my shirt,...