Saturday, December 6, 2008

In other news....

We've spent so much free time around here at the new house, I've been neglecting our current one. I just today got around to getting our Christmas decorations out... Now if you know me, I'm a day after Thanksgiving person, I get out the decorations, music, movies, and most importantly cards go in the mail. Well not this year folks, I'm a week and a half behind on the decorations and I've not even started on the cards. I'll get them out though, I've got a personal deadline of Wednesday or Thursday to get them out.

Picture of our tree. We've strategically placed it where Max never goes, behind the couches. We'll see if it works.

Our little Christmas elf

The view outside today, we had another inch or so of snow

Max's home away from home at the new house, he gets couped up in the pack n play (He did not pull himself up, I propped him there, but then this afternoon at home he kept trying to pull himself up on his exersaucer)

Here's video of him army crawling from last night :) Enjoy.


Laura - Dining Review Tampa said...

I love the looks he kept throwing at you every time you took the toys away!

Kara said...

Way to go Max! So cute!!!