Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm chugging away on the Christmas cards, and I have my prints for the pictures waiting to be cut up, not as great a quality as I wanted (the print came out darker than the original) but it'll do. I'm feeling productive today and will hopefully make my "deadline" to get them mailed tomorrow. :)

Last night we shopped for Max's Christmas presents, it was nice to be able to take him and still not ruin Christmas :) We let him play with a couple of things to see what he would like, so essentially he got to pick out what he wanted. Talking to my friend Lisa the other day she mentioned that they get their son three gifts at Christmas, just as Jesus got from the Three Wise Men. We were talking about it because I had commented on how much stuff kids get at Christmas and sometimes it's too much. So we decided that we would adopt that in our house. The grandparents and relatives can get the kids whatever they want, but they'll receive three presents from us/Santa. So Max has his three presents under the tree, I think it's brilliant since it keeps me from going overboard and leads to us keeping a purpose to Christmas even in opening gifts.

Now that I have the house decorated, I realized how much stuff we still have packed away, it normally takes me just as long to pack up the regular stuff as it takes me to get out the Christmas, but since we left all the boxes with our house decor packed up, I've realized how much more "homey" it feels with some of my familiar "things" out. I also just keep thinking next year it will all be put out in the new house instead of this one, the feeling of being in limbo continues. I am loving having a mantle this year, we have a fireplace with a simple wood mantle over it and I thought it would be a great place for my favorite nativity (I used to have 3 or 4 and I've paired it down to two over the past couple of years), the WillowTree one.

I had a whole list of things floating through my head last night that I wanted to blog about, but now they've all seemed to escape me. So I'll just leave you with a Christmas-y picture of Max I took today while Miss Katherine (the church secretary) was making him smile.


Mark said...

Only 3 presents, we will see how long that lasts. Does this mean we should limit the number of gifts we buy you and Adam or does the 3 gift limit have an age limit? Does that mean 3 presents period or 3 toys because Adam always said you can't count clothes as Christmas presents? :-)
It is a good idea, I hope it works.

Love, Dad

Laura said...

Cool idea with the 3 presents!