Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home Remodeling Part 10-Where will we live?

I know I've been bad about posting the past few days/weeks... but things have been busy around here! We've had lots of visitors and have actually got some work done at the house!
I'll have a true update with pictures of the work soon, but to tide you over here's a mock up of the living room.

Since we've gotten into the dining room we've realized we need to kinda treat the living room and dining room as one room in some aspects, so we'll be simultaneously working on them both at points.

A little about the living room:
There's paneling on the ceiling that we will be painting ceiling white and that kind of dictated the rest of the room. It looks kind of beachy like that so the room will have a slight beach feel to it. I won't be going crazy with the shells and things, but want the feeling of water in the room. Our living room furniture is already a sand color so it should work well (of course we'll have new pillows, the picture shows the ones that came with it). And the paint color is less green and a little more blue than it shows up in the picture. I forgot to label it in the picture, so it's Caribbean Sea by Pittsburgh Paints.

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Anonymous said...

Another fun update!! Great progress!! Fun to experience it first hand!! The table accent is great-maybe not baby friendly. Maybe we could make them from a baby friendly material!! So Many options!!Mom