Saturday, December 13, 2008

Home Remodeling Part 8- Bathroom Finale!

Our bathroom is (for the most part) finished so this will be the last post about that until the final reveal of all the rooms decorated and stuff like that. Everything is "in" except the mirror, cabinet, radiator, vanity light fixture, and rods, like shower, towel, and toilet paper. I still have some touch up painting to do, and some caulking needs done, but all in all it's a finished room in my book.

The bathtub and vanity

Toilet area

The little closet

I know I said that next will be the dining room, but I was thinking tonight that so much of the living room has been done in bits and pieces that we might as well just finish that room (thinking it would be an easier project to just get checked off our list) and so we'll see what I decide. We do have to repair plaster in that room (especially around windows and the door) possibly pull down some paneling, paint ever surface (including trim around three windows and the ceiling) and figure out some lighting solutions (there's no wiring in the walls to put anything in the ceiling). So while I say EASY I don't mean that in a regular sense, I mean EASIER than pulling out wainscoting and paneling and refiguring a chair rail. :)

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