Friday, December 26, 2008

Home Remodeling Part 9-Where will we eat?

Hope your Christmas was peaceful. Our Christmas is being spread out over the entire weekend, so I won't update on that until next week.

The house has been neglected the past few days, but we'll be back at it soon after the holidays.
I made some design decisions though on the dining room (we've decided in the end to do that next). We've cleared out the room and have started to wipe down the walls (which is a JOB, the walpaper may have come down easily, but the glue coming off the walls is a different story).
We have to take down one layer of wainscoting leaving the other layer underneath (because there's nothing under that layer), put up new wainscoting, new trim, paint, strip and paint the doorways (there's two) and windows (there's two) and doors (there's one). We're hoping it's mostly cosmetic work (except the wainscoting) and will be using skills we've already learned instead of anything major. (ha! I say that because there's always something that comes up!)