Saturday, December 6, 2008

Home Remodeling Part 6- Bathroom... still

Almost all of my free time has been spent at the house painting... and painting... and painting. Only the bathroom though, we have effectively decided to work one room at a time, while it doesn't make complete sense in efficiency (wouldn't it be a lot more efficient to paint everything in the house while all the supplies are out?) it makes sense in me keeping my sanity.

We've primed and painted every surface in the bathroom (except the floors and the area around where the tub will be which will be tiled) including the trim. In theory the bathroom should be the easiest room in the house, it's the smallest after all, but ours is a different case.... we have the regular bathroom area and then a little enclosure where the toilet is. That was an absolute pain to paint because it was so small, and of course there's a window in there too, complete with trim. Then instead of a typical one entry way, we have four - one to the toilet area, two doors, and one that use to be part of the closet, all complete with trim. Ugh- I'm really glad I like the color accolade from Pittsburgh paints because I don't think I'll ever get it all out of my hair. Also when we began this project I totally forgot about the little under the stairs cupboard that hides behind the doors. That was painted dark green inside so it had to be primed and painted (the trim color, not wall color) as well. Many of my body parts when numb while contorting myself to reach all the nooks and crannies in that cupboard, but it is done and actually has become one of my favorite little quirks about the house now. It's the perfect hide and seek spot and will be the perfect linen closet.

Adam and I learned a lot about each other in the past two days of painting. Adam is a big picture sort of guy, give him a roller and some instructions and he's off, while apparently I've defaulted to the details person. Also I think we were both surprised about how much I knew about painting, I used to help my mom with it when I was a kid, but maybe watching TLC and HGTV all the time in college paid off.

I ended up loving the color for the bathroom Prairie Dust by Dutch Boy. It's a great color in a medium tone, dark enough to be dramatic, but not dark enough to suck all the light out of the room. And with the light trim it looks really great. We used a sand texture in the paint and once we were confident with the directions it worked great and was easy to use (although a little messy, it makes the paint splatter a little more than it normally does, I'm glad the floors weren't done yet). For our purposes it was perfect, we couldn't tell any of the spots where we'd roughly taped and mudded dry wall and with the color that it is, it reminds me of the beach. I can't wait to put my blue bath stuff up in there, I think it will be a relaxing wonderful space.

We have officially decided that the next room will be the dining room. We'll be ripping out the chair rail currently in there along with it's paneling and wainscoting (that's underneath the paneling) and putting up new wainscoting and a chair rail at the correct height. I'll also be putting in a new light fixture and texturing the walls in there too, but I may be daring and try something different now that I know how many options there are out there.

Priming the cupboard under the stairs

Adam priming the cupboard, because I got a little woozy after being in there so long with the primer fumes.

The cupboard finally primed (it was painted today)

The wall looking towards where the tub will be (that door)

The walls next to the light molding (this was the first coat of paint and just the primer on the molding)

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Mark said...

It is looking great. Bathrooms and closets along with ceilings are the worse. I am glad to see the two of you working together so well and putting the coffee container to good use. I loved the pictures of Max. No stopping him now!