Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We've been kinda busy around here. It's been all fun and games though. We went to the store this morning just in time before the snow started to fall. Right now it looks like we have around 3 inches of snow and should get more tonight.

We played in the house while it was snowing and we started something new today! We started giving Max a sippy cup and he loved it! Knowing how much he loves yogurt, I put a yogurt drink in the cup hoping that would entice him. I only intended for him to drink half of the cup (if that) and he got very angry when I took it away, he liked it so much.

We braved the snowy weather to go get haircuts today (it's hard enough to get an appointment, let alone around the holidays). But at least it's done.

While Max was sweetly sleeping this afternoon, I finally had the time to make Christmas cookies. I'll have pictures tomorrow because I only got half of them done.

Max has taken to a little blankie that his Auntie Darby had given him. It's super soft and cuddly and just the right size for him to hold and play with. It also came with a little stuffed elephant that we've named Harry. He keeps the blankie with him especially when he sleeps. So sweet.

Another big thing is that Max went from crawling position to sitting up today on his own without help. Yikes! I had Adam move his crib down a notch so that I felt a little more secure with him in there.

Lastly, Adam thought it would be fun to give Max some snow and see what he would do. I wouldn't let him take Max out in the snow, so Adam brought the snow into Max.

He loved it, he kept wanting to hold it, but then it would break apart or would melt and then he would try and pick it back up. So cute!

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Laura said...

He is looking so grown up. I hope Adam brought in white snow :)