Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home Remodeling Part 7- There's a Bathroom in our House!

These pictures were taken yesterday. Things seem to be moving quickly now! The tile is in, the bathtub is in place, the toilet, vanity, and mirror are all at the house waiting their turn. Today there is grouting going on and I'll be joining this afternoon to see what kind of trouble I can make.

The much talked about bathtub, it's a little longer than a regular tub (Adam fits in it well) and the last of the cement board up for the back (it will be tiled as well).

The other side of the bathtub (in the bedroom) - this was the door to the closet that we knocked out.

All the leftover tile

the tile makes the walls look less bright orange/tan- that's a good thing-

The beautiful tile without the grout though


Laura said...

Looking very nice!

Anonymous said...

Awesome progress!! How fun to see the end results with all the pieces fitting together!!Lots of hard work is paying off!!!Mom