Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Huge Update

I've got a lot to talk about, also note the other post from today on the house update.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Campbell and McClung families. Kristi and I cooked all afternoon and everything went off without a hitch. It was delicious too, if I do say so myself. I loved having the house full of friends and I could just be myself and hang out. I also taught Kristi how to crochet after the kids went to bed while the boys played Wii.
The Campbell kids loved Max and Max was exhausted by the Campbell kids!

Here's the slideshow:

Ohio Trip
The day after Thanksgiving we headed to Ohio where we spent the weekend with friends and family enjoying the holiday. We won't be back for Christmas so we made the rounds and saw some family. The highlight was seeing my brothers love on their nephew and getting the four generations of Kipp boys together for some photos. Also Grandpa Kipp's new puppy! The puppy loved Max, and Max wasn't too sure about the puppy. The puppy thought Max was one of his brothers or sisters and it was ok to nibble and jump on.
Here are two slideshows from the trip:

I've got a lot of holiday crafting up my sleeve and a lot has crossed my craft table in the past few weeks. A couple of one skein scarves for one along with the following-
A bit of embroidery from Kara's birthday present (hopefully she's gotten it by now)

A hat and scarf on it's way to it's destination

thank you presents for the bible study baby sitters

Mawmaw taught me how to do hairpin lace this weekend and gave me a loom (it's not really a loom, but I don't know what to really call it)

current project actually for myself!

baby blanket in process

soon to be Christmas presents

the makings for Cinnamon Ornaments I saw the recipe for here

The view outside of my beautiful tree

The view of my afternoon plans


Laura said...

Love all the slideshow pictures!

elea said...

i LOVE the chocolate & pink scarf and hat! too too cute!