Friday, December 5, 2008

Some Max Lovin'

I've been working at the house the past few days, people recognize me at Menard's, and it's been 18 degrees today. Not all fun things, but Max is finally back to his cheerful self and has been patient while we've been at the house...

I've been forgetting the camera, so I'll take some pictures tonight while we are painting... and painting... and painting....

Here's some Max lovin' from the past few days.

He'd rather roll around on the floor than sit up still. But I love when he gets so proud of himself.

We went out last night to the holiday Candlelight Stroll on the Town Square. They had carol singing, the stores were open late, and horsedrawn carriage rides. The only down part was that it was FREEZING outside. Can you say Ralphie from The Christmas Story anyone?

I love his sweet smile :)

We've been doing some Rockin' around here. But the army crawl is the best (I've been trying to catch it on video but haven't yet)

I made the cinnamon ornaments yesterday. They are still drying on my kitchen table. Adam came home for lunch yesterday and said it smelled like Christmas in the house. :)

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Laura said...

Love the new "Christmas" theme header...and of course the cute Max pictures. He sure is proud of himself sitting up. Way to go!